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The ribbon cluster below is a representation of all approved Chicago Police Department award ribbons in order of precedence. The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #7 has issued an additional award ribbon which has not been officially approved or assigned a order of precedence by the Chicago Police Department. Until this ribbon is assigned a order of precedence it will be depicted separately at the bottom of this page.Click on an award for a detailed description.

  Department Emblem of Recognition  
  Fitness Bar  
  Appearance Bar  
  Carter Harrison / Lambert Tree Medal  
  Police Medal  
Superintendent's Award of Valor Hundred Club of Cook County Medal of Valor Superintendent's Award of Merit
Police Blue Star Award Police Blue Shield Award Thomas E. Wortham IV Military and Community Service Award
Arnold Mireles Special Partnership Award William Powers Leadership Award Annual Bureau Award of Recognition
Special Commendation Lifesaving Award Police Officer of the Month Award
Chicago Police Leadership Award Department Commendation Military Service Award
Problem Solving Award Honorable Mention Ribbon Award Joint Operations Award
Unit Meritorious Performance Award Traffic Stop of The Month Award Top Gun Award
Attendance Recognition Medal Special Service Award Deployment Operations Center Award
Pipe Band Award Crime Reduction Award (2009) Crime Reduction Award (2004)
Crime Reduction Award (2004) Presidential Election Deployment Ribbon Democratic National Convention Special Service Award
Recognition / Outside Governmental Agency Award Outside Governmental Agency Award Spirit of Chicago
  Name Tag / Unit Designator  
CPD Right Breast Pocket   CPD Left Breast Pocket

FOP Distinguished Service Award
Recommended positioning for the FOP Distinguished Service Award on the awards cluster above is after any variation of the Outside Governmental Agency Award.


Checker Band
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