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A collection of Police “13-13” Chicago Police Journals published from 1925 through 1927.

Main 13 was published by the Chicago Police Department from 1921 to 1923. It was a monthly magazine devoted to news of the Police Department and articles of interest to the policeman and their family. The magazine was named for the phrase a caller would give a telephone operator in order to be connected to the police. General Superintendent Charles C. Fitzmorris, a former newspaperman and City Hall insider, began publishing Main 13 in an effort to lift the morale of the police department and to boost its public image. The magazine was run out of City Hall by Jack Lait, a renowned Chicago newspaperman. In 1923 the magazine was renamed Police 1313 and continued publication until being discontinued in 1940. The magazine was a pre-curser to the now defunct Chicago Police Newsletter.

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