Checkerboard Band

Representation and description of the CAPS Lapel Pin and the awards it is issued for in lieu of a ribbon bar for civilian members.

CAPS Lapel Pin

Active Service Dates: April 1994 – Present

Status: Active – Currently Issued

Description: Presented to Civilian Department Members or Citizens in place of a ribbon bar and when an enamel version of the ribbon bar is not available.

Presentation: This lapel pin is presented for the following awards:

  • Annual Bureau Award of Recognition
  • Arnold Mireles Special Partnership Award
  • Attendance Recognition Award
  • Crime Reduction Award 2004
  • Crime Reduction Award 2009
  • Department Commendation Award
  • Lifesaving Award
  • Pipe Band Award
  • Presidential Election Deployment Award
  • Problem Solving Award
  • Special Commendation Award
  • Special Service Award
  • Superintendent’s Award of Merit
  • Unit Meritorious Performance Award