The medallion cluster below is a representation of all approved Chicago Police Department medals in order of precedence.

Medallion Cluster


  • Medals will be arranged in order of precedence. The medal representing the highest award will be positioned to the wearer’s right with subsequent medals in order of precedence from right to left.
  • A single medal will be worn with the top edge of the ribbon one-fourth inch below and centered under the unit designator. Not more than three medals will be worn in a row.
  • A second row of medals will be positioned two inches below the horizontal line and between the medals of the first row starting at the wearer’s right.
  • When a third row of medals becomes necessary, the first medal in the third row will be positioned in a line directly beneath the first medal of the first row.
  • Additional rows are to be positioned in a like manner, alternating the configuration from right to left.
  • Medals may be worn by Department members attired in the Class A uniform who are participants at special functions, parades, and other events in lieu of the corresponding ribbon bar.