Tomorrow, the Community Policing Advisory Panel will release for public comment, the first draft of recommendations designed to strengthen and build upon CPD’s continued efforts to rebuild trust with residents in every neighborhood of the city. The recommendations were crafted based on what panelists learned from listening to officers, residents, faith and civic leaders, academic researchers, community advocates, CPD students and other police departments. The draft recommendations are the foundation on which we will enhance our investment in community policing.

As you’ve heard me say before, CPD is only as strong as the community’s faith in us so prior to the formal public release, I wanted to share this document with each of you to also solicit your feedback and comments so that we can collectively shape the future of our department.

At your convenience, please review the attached document and leave your feedback in the online comment box (link below) or send them via departmental email to

Thank you and be safe,

Eddie Johnson
Chicago Police Department