Death Classification: Line of Duty Death

Agency: Chicago Police Department

Served: 2 years, 11 months, 13 days

Unit of Assignment / Detail: Bureau of Professional Standards - Education and Training Division: Unit 044 - Recruit Training

District of Incident (Present Day): 006 - Gresham

Location of Occurrence: 

Cause of Death: Gunfire - Enemy

Age at Time of Death: 30


Date of Birth: 20 Jan 1980

Date of Appointment: 04 Jun 2007

Date of Incident: 006 - Gresham

End of Watch: 20 May 2010

Date of Interment: 28 May 2010


Interment Details

 Cemetery: Lincoln Cemetery - Chicago, Illinois
 Grave Location: Unknown
 Interment Disposition: Burial


Memorial Details

Superintendent’s Honored Star Case: Panel # D-9

Gold Star Families Memorial Wall: Panel # 8

Illinois Police Officers Memorial Wall: Panel # 5, Line 15

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall: Panel # 12-E: 27

Officer Down Memorial Page: Listed



 Military Service: U.S. Army National Guard


Incident & Biographic Details

Probationary Police Officer Thomas Eugene Wortham IV, Star #6181, aged 30 years, was a 2 year, 11 month, 13 day veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Bureau of Professional Standards – Education and Training Division: Unit 044 – Recruit Training, detailed to the 7th District – Englewood.

On May 19, 2010, at 11:27 p.m., Officer Wortham was off duty and visiting his parents’ home following a trip to Washington, D.C. for National Police Week. As he left the residence two male offenders, Brian Floyd, age 20, of 3741 South Kilbourn Avenue and Marcus Floyd, age 19, of 3133 West Lexington Street, approached him at 354 East 85th Street. They announced a robbery and attempted to take his brand new Yamaha R1 motorcycle. Brian Floyd placed a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver to Officer Wortham’s head demanding the bike. At the same time Officer Wortham’s father, a retired Chicago police sergeant, observed the robbery taking place. Sergeant Wortham yelled at Brian Floyd who in turn told him to mind his own business and fired a shot at him. This gave Officer Wortham the opportunity to draw his weapon, announce his office, and return fire. The two then exchanged gunfire at close range. At the same time Sergeant Wortham retrieved his firearm from the house and returned to find the Marcus Floyd assisting Brian Floyd into a maroon vehicle. He ran over and noticed two more offenders, Paris McGee, age 20, of 6333 South Ada Street and Toyius Taylor, age 29, of 4319 South Lamon Avenue, inside the vehicle one with a gun. The two occupants in the vehicle seeing Sergeant Wortham approaching backed away and fled the scene leaving the two Floyds behind. At the same time one of the Floyd’s raised their gun at which time Sergeant Wortham fired at them. Marcus Floyd dropped Brian Floyd and then fled on foot heading northbound on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

Sergeant Wortham then retreated to locate and aide his son. Officer Wortham was located approximately 60 feet west of the original scene where he had apparently been struck by the maroon vehicle. He had been dragged under the vehicle to the mouth of the alley and became dislodged when the vehicle reversed direction to allow the Floyd to enter. Officer Wortham was struck by gunfire once in the chest. He was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was pronounced dead at 12:07 a.m. on May 20, 2010. Brian Floyd sustained four gunshot wounds to the torso. He was transported to Christ Hospital by CFD Ambulance #55 and was pronounced dead by Dr. Jones at 5:30 a.m. on May 20, 2010.

The three surviving offenders, Paris McGee, Toyius Taylor and Marcus Floyd, were later arrested. Marcus Floyd was charged with 1st degree murder, felony murder, attempt murder and discharge of a firearm. On October 19, 2015, Marcus Floyd was found Guilty of the Murder of Officer Wortham, Guilty of the Attempted Murder of Sergeant Wortham, Guilty in the death of co-defendant Brian Floyd and Not Guilty of Discharge of a firearm. The Jury’s verdict was based on Floyd’s accountability for the crime. The Jury was uncertain if Floyd actually fired a weapon which resulted in the Not Guilty verdict.

Officer Wortham was waked at A.R. Leak and Sons Funeral Home located at 7838 South Cottage Grove Avenue. His funeral mass was held at Trinity United Church of Christ located at 421 West 95th Street. He was laid to rest on May 28, 2010 in Lincoln Cemetery, 12300 South Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Probationary Police Officer Thomas Eugene Wortham IV, born January 20, 1980, received his Probationary Appointment to the Chicago Police Department on June 4, 2007 and he attended the Jackson Street Police Academy. Prior to entering the Chicago Police Academy Officer Wortham served with the Evergreen Park Police Department for eight months. Officer Wortham was still a Probationary Police Officer at the time of his death. His probationary status was extended due to him deploying while serving in the U.S. Army National Reserve. Time on leave away from the Department did not count towards his 18 month probationary period.

Officer Wortham served in the U.S. Army National Guard and had recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq while serving with the Wisconsin Army National Guard. While in the National Guard he served in the 1st Battalion, 125th Infantry and the 15th Calvary, and rose to the rank of 1st lieutenant, receiving many commendations. He was also a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. He was survived by his parents: Carolyn Mary (nee Greene), age 61 and Thomas Eugene, III (CPD), age 63 and sister, Sandra.

Incident Recorded Under Chicago Police Department RD #HS266838.

On January 11, 2011, Officer Wortham’s star was retired by Superintendent Jody P. Weis and enshrined in the Superintendent’s Honored Star Case, located in the lobby at Chicago Police Headquarters, 3510 South Michigan Avenue.