THE HISTORY OF THE POLICE IN AMERICA cannot be purchased because Silver Phoenix Entertainment wants you to have it for FREE!

Our goal is to print and distribute a MINIMUM of 1,000,000 copies. That’s no typo … we said ONE MILLION COPIES. They will go to every comic shop, every school, and every police precinct we can find. We want to place copies of this comic inside every patrol car in America.

This story begins when an encounter with the local police leaves 18-year old Janet Hastings with a poor perception of law enforcement and their representatives. Searching for her life’s path, the young woman determines that a life in public service DOES NOT mean entering law enforcement as many in her bloodline did over the last 150 years.

Through the eyes of Janet’s great-grandfather Everett, the reader sees the history of her multi-cultural family’s emigration from Ireland in the 1880’s, working with the Night Watchmen, and then joining the early New York City Police Department. Along the way, the family deals with departmental corruption, bribery, as well as impeding the public’s rights, while performing their chosen duty to protect and to serve.

THE HISTORY OF THE POLICE IN AMERICA is a frank look at the development of American law enforcement from it’s inception through 1960. This is NOT a propaganda piece, telling you that all officers of the law have never strayed from the straight and narrow. Likewise, this book does not play apologist for the factions whose poor judgments fan the fires of protest.

The public must understand WHY the police do what they do and HOW they do it. They need to ask questions and get answers … but the dialogue has to start somewhere.

We think THE HISTORY OF THE POLICE IN AMERICA will begin that constructive discussion.

Thank you for your consideration and always remember that you are loved.

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Your new friend,

Charles D. Moisant
Creative Director