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Representations of Chicago public automobile operator & driver’s license medallions issued by the City of Chicago.

The City of Chicago issued the “Chicago Chicago Public Automobile Operator” Medallions beginning circa 1910. Sometime in the 1930’s the title changed and the medallions were renamed the “Chicago Public Driver’s License.” The name was again changed in 1949 and retitled “Chicago Public Vehicle Driver’s License.” The licenses authorized drivers of public conveyances to transport paying customers, e.g. Chauffers’ and Taxi Cab Drivers of livery and taxi cab vehicles. Presently the City of Chicago calls this license the “Public Passenger Chauffer License” and it is issued on a laminated “hard card” which contains the license information, the driver’s picture, name and on the reverse side the vehicle and insurance information. This card is required to be displayed to passengers at all times.

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