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Listing of Police Associations & Charities of Athletic, Ethnic, Fraternal and Professional Origins.

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Established 1963

Address6351 West Montrose Avenue Suite 210 Chicago, IL 60634
Website: http://www.IAPA-IL.org

The Italian American Police Association began in 1963, when a group of 12 police officers saw a need for a fraternal organization, which embraced all law enforcement officers of Italian heritage in the State of Illinois. With this as its purpose, a charter was secured, by-laws adopted and today an association of over 500 members, who are employed as law enforcement officers. All are of Italian origin and have dedicated themselves to fulfilling the mission statement.

The mission of the Italian American Police Association of Illinois is to promote friendship, cooperation, and unified and concerted action among its members for their common benefit; to further the preservation of, and adherence to, the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Illinois; to uphold and enforce federal, state, and municipal laws; to promote education, training, and the exchange of knowledge and information in the field of law enforcement; and to oppose discrimination and prejudice against all people.



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Established 2013

Address Wheeling, IL 60090
<br /> <span class="fa fa-phone"> </span>: Primary Number – (847) 807-5672

The Korean American Law Enforcement Group’s mission is to promote and support the generations of Korean American’s in the field of Law Enforcement. In addition, to assist the Korean American community, bridging the communication gap of the American Judicial System.



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Established 1961

AddressPO BOX 8023 Chicago, IL 60608
Website: http://www.LAPA1961.org

The Latin American Police Association was first organized in the fall of 1961 with a total membership of 21 members.

At that time there was only a handful of Hispanics on the Chicago Police Department. This was due in part to subtle discrimination, such as the imposition of a minimum height requirement, as well as overt discrimination, which has historically excluded the ‘first wave’ of most immigrant groups. Another impediment was the fact that most police agencies in Hispanic countries were notoriously corrupt and this distrust of the police lingered after the immigrant’s arrival.

LAPA has the distinction of being the first ethnic law enforcement group within the city of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. The main goals of the organization were to promote police/community relations, the recruitment of Hispanic police candidates, and the promotion of incumbent Hispanic police officers. After fifty years of labor, these continue to be LAPA’s main goals. As LAPA’s membership grew, these efforts expanded to include the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, suburban police departments, and Federal law enforcement agencies.

Along with legal and political action, LAPA has attempted to increase our representation by conducting tutorial classes for both Chicago Police Department and Cook County Sheriff candidates. This was achieved in part due to the excellent cooperation of the Chicago City-wide Colleges. We also hold tutorial classes for Police and Sheriff’s personnel seeking promotion. All of our classes are open to any interested party, regardless of her/his ethnic background.

As LAPA approaches its sixtieth anniversary, we aspire to serve as role models to our youth, promote strong police/community relations, and improve our professionalism. We hope to achieve these goals in part through the continued support of various police agencies and fellow fraternal organizations.

LAPA is a fraternal organization created to assist Hispanics in the field of law enforcement. The membership of LAPA is comprised of any person of Hispanic descent, in whole or in part, who is a sworn member in good standing of any law enforcement agency in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.



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Established 2000
Website: http://www.MAPOChicago.com

The Mexican American Police Organization shall support individuals,issues,or initiate same,that effects the betterment of the Latino youth and community. MAPO will take action with those issues that affect or impact the membership of said organization



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Established 1976

AddressPO BOX 804162 Chicago, IL 60680
<br /> <span class="fa fa-phone"> </span>: Primary Number – (312) 458-9711 Website: http://www.NOBLEChicago.org

The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) was founded in September, 1976, during a three-day symposium to address crime in urban low income areas. The symposium was co-sponsored by the Police Foundation and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA).

The Joint Center for Political Studies (JCPS) coordinated this unprecedented event in which sixty (60) top-ranking black law enforcement executives representing twenty-four (24) states and fifty-five (55) major cities gathered in the Washington, D.C. area to participate.

They exchanged views about the critically high rate of crime in black urban communities and the socioeconomic conditions that lead to crime and violence. They raised questions about relevant issues such as fairness in the administration of justice, police community relations, the hiring and promotion of black police officers, and the unique problems of the black police executive.



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Established 1996

AddressPO BOX 1047 Fairfax, VA 22038
Website: http://www.ODMP.org

The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., (ODMP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring America’s fallen law enforcement heroes. More than 20,000 officers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the United States and it is with great honor that the ODMP pays a lasting tribute to each of these officers by preserving their memories within its pages. All who visit the ODMP will be deeply moved by the countless stories of selfless courage and heroism exhibited by officers who lost their lives while serving and protecting the citizens of this great nation.



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Established 1999

AddressPO BOX 1234 Chicago, IL 60639
<br /> <span class="fa fa-phone"> </span>: Primary Number – (773) 366-4989 Website: http://www.PDCPD.com

Founded in 1999, the Pipes and Drums of the Chicago Police Department is fraternal organization focused on fostering the traditions and respect garnered through playing the great highland bagpipe and Scottish drum. Our mission is simple: to always be in service to our comrades, their families and friends in their time of need. We have been privileged to participate in honors ceremonies of our own fallen heroes as well as Peace Officers and Firefighters across our Nation. We can NEVER FORGET their sacrifice.


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Established 1964

AddressPO BOX 31095 Chicago, IL 60631
Website: http://www.PolAmPolice.org

The Polish American Police Association of Chicago and Illinois (P.A.P.A.) is a social and fraternal organization, founded in 1964, for Chicago Police Officers and their families who are of Polish and Slavic descent. Since then P.A.P.A. has grown beyond the City of Chicago and now encompasses members from more than 50 local, state, county and Federal law enforcement agencies within the State of Illinois and across the country. P.A.P.A. even has members who are police officers in Poland. Civilians from all communities and professions with strong ties to their heritage and/or law enforcement are welcomed as Associate members. P.A.P.A. currently has over 400 active and associate members.

P.A.P.A. activities include general membership monthly meetings, a yearly race track outing, a family picnic, participation in the Polish Constitution Day Parade and an annual dinner dance recognizing individuals whose accomplishments reflect pride in their heritage and have a positive impact on the community. Proceeds from this and other events help finance the P.A.P.A. college scholarship fund. P.A.P.A. grants three partial college scholarships to the children of its members.

P.A.P.A. is a proactive organization interested in fostering the fraternal, ethnic, cultural, educational, civic, charitable, political and professional interests of its members and the Polish-Slavic communities. P.A.P.A. provides financial and manpower support for various social service and professional organizations that provide services to the immigrant and Polish-American community.


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Established 1970’s

AddressPO BOX 12938 Chicago, IL 60612
<br /> <span class="fa fa-phone"> </span>: Primary Number – (773) 888-7176 Website: http://www.PRPAChicago.com

The Puerto Rican Police Association (PRPA) is a local association of law enforcement officers who are united in an effort to organize officers of Puerto Rican descent. Our goal is to develop, promote and encourage a greater understanding and cooperation between the Hispanic community, the Chicago Police Department, and all other law enforcement agencies. We also pledge to promote, encourage and develop a higher degree of professionalism, advancement and education among Puerto Rican Police Officers.

PRPA is also united in the protection of the community, but also to give back to it in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to its members. For more than 20 years, the men and women of the PRPA have supported the mission Esperanza by brightening the holidays of our students. Every December, the officers organize a visit from Santa Claus, who arrives bearing gifts and cheer for all! For the students Esperanza serves, many of whom are from low-income families, this visit from jolly St. Nick is especially meaningful.



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Established 1888

Address5310 N Harlem Avenue Chicago, IL 60656
<br /> <span class="fa fa-phone"> </span>: Primary Number – (773) 763-5310 Website: http://www.RetiredChicagoPoliceAssoc.com

The RCPA was established in 1888 as an Association to protect the Police Pension Fund and promote the welfare of Police Pensioners, their widows and children.



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Established 2002

AddressPO Box 558144 Chicago, IL 60655
Website: http://www.SAPFA.org

The Scandinavian American Police and Fire Association of Illinois, is a 501(C)(3) Not-for-Profit Fraternal Organization. Our Organization’s main goal as a First Responder Fraternal Organization is to promote goodwill and fellowship to our members and their families through cultural and social Scandinavian themes and functions. Other goals of our organization include, but are not limited to, fundraising to support families of fallen first responders who have given the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. Since our organization’s inception, we have represented our organization as an exclusively Fraternal Police Society. As of January 1, 2013 all First Responders are eligible to join our ranks! The Hundred Club of Chicago will be one of the main benefactors of our organization’s future fundraising events! The Hundred Club of Chicago is well known for it’s commitment to providing support for surviving spouses and dependents of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics who lose their lives in the line of duty. This includes all federal, state, county and local officers, firefighters and paramedics stationed in Cook County.

Charter Members: President Craig Ford, Vice President Steve Olsen, Treasurer David Appel, Secretary Michael Bergeson, Sgt. at Arms Craig Roberts.

The organization was known as The Son’s of Norway established 2006, then became The Norwegian American Police Association 2007. The Scandinavian American Police Association of Illinois was established in 2008 so that all police officers with Scandinavian Heritage were able to join our organization. The Scandinavian American Police and Fire Association of Illinois enables all first responders, and their family members with Scandinavian Heritage, the opportunity to join our organization.


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Established 1959

AddressPO BOX 59258 Chicago, IL 60659
Website: http://www.ShomrimIllinois.org

Founded in 1959, the Shomrim Society of Illinois is a fraternal organization of Jewish Law Enforcement Officers from Chicago and surrounding areas. The Shomrim Society of Illinois promotes religious spirit as well as fraternal relations, friendship, understanding and cooperation among members.


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Established 1932

Address205 W Monroe Street 7th Floor Chicago, IL 60606
<br /> <span class="fa fa-phone"> </span>: Primary Number – (312) 544-8230

The Saint Jude Police League was established in 1932 as an active sponsor of charities and to support Chicago officers. During the 1950’s, the League initiated one of the Chicago Police Department’s finest traditions: the annual march held on the first Sunday of May to honor the memory of every honorable police officer who ever served, and particularly those who died in the performance of duty.

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